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Spinelli Coffee II

14 November 2009

There's a quiet place in school that I've been to for quite a few times this semester, and like almost any other coffee place it's perfect for just sitting around idly to watch the time pass by.

On one occasion, me and the best friend decided to have lunch here because I had a cake craving and there wasn't anywhere else on campus that I could satisfy this sweet craving. It happens when you have a sweet tooth :)

Oreo Cheesecake: 3.75/5

My personal preference lies with softer, more moist cheesecakes, but this however was not. But to be fair, I had the best friend try it and she said it was quite good actually, so I'm "moderating" the ratings a little. It's harder and drier than many cheesecakes but at least it has a nice Oreo flavour to it.

Tiramisu: 3.25/5

The tiramisu was too "spongy" for my liking.

Beef Stew with Rice

The best friend had this instead, and she was amazed that I could settle with just cakes for lunch. Her stew was quite fragrant, and she also said it was "lighter" than some of the way thicker stews.

Very good.

$3.40 for each of the cakes
$6.50 for the beef stew with rice
$5.40 for a choc mint spin (yums!)

NUS University Hall.

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