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07 April 2009

Cityvibe is a new (read: small) shopping complex beside Clementi MRT and houses at least two Japanese restaurants (Ramen Ten and Sakae Sushi) under its roof. I never really found the time to explore the place eventhough I pass by it almost everyday, but Fromage's banner did catch my eye a couple of times whilst I was standing on the MRT platform waiting for my train. Cheese fries, cheese wedges, cheese sticks... So much cheese!

Mozerella Cheese Sticks: 7.5/10

This is nice! The cheese was not too thick and the batter coating, cooked to a golden-brown, was nicely crisp. The cheese sticks went quite well with the salsa sauce too.

Super Cheese Fries: 6.8/10

Yes, this was super cheesy indeed, and it was really a bit too salty without any chilli sauce or spices. Eat this fast, because the fries go limp (and then, even mushy) after a while and it would be very difficult to pick them up, much less put into your mouth!

Chicken and Cheese: 7.7/10

This was very tasty because unlike the (plain) cheese fries, the chicken here had some spicy marinate that the small group of us really liked.

Deep-Fried Cheesecake with Ice-Cream: 8/10

I'm biased. Piping hot and crispy cheesecake with ice-cold chocolate ice-cream and chocolate syrup? It's not exactly great, but it still works wonders for me. Try eating this, and tell me if you can go spoonful after spoonful without smiling. Deep inside, I was reluctant to share this with the rest haha!

Prompt and friendly. It's a very small booth with only a tiny counter for three, so we ate all of our cheese snacks at Subway instead (of course, be nice and get something from Subway, like drinks).

$3.50 for the mozerella cheesesticks
$3.90 for the super cheesy fries
$3.90 for the chicken and cheese
$3.90 for the deep-fried cheesecake with ice-cream

Cityvibe, Level One. Clementi Central.

Additional Comments
1. Certified Halal.
2. They have pasta and pizzas too!

2 Foodie Comments:

Fen said...

It has been ages since I last came to Clementi, to think that I pass by this place everyday while travelling on the train and every weekend (in the past for at least 15 years!!!)...

The Mozerella Cheese Sticks look so good and after reading a couple of reviews both on papers and blogs, looks like it is time for me to alight and explore Cityvibe...

Chicken and Cheese does remind me of Chirpy... while the super cheese fries is something I will go for... limp fries overloaded with cheese... Wah... Sinful...

April 13, 2009 at 9:08 AM
*Harris said...

Oh yes, Fromage came out on Sunday Times right? The sticks were alright, chicken was probably better too.

Oh you like limp fries? I prefer the crispy ones haha, which is why I didn't quite take to the limpy, but still potatoey, fries.

April 13, 2009 at 10:53 PM

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