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Megumi Japanese Restaurant

02 April 2009

It was only a matter of time before we finally made our first trip to Sunset Way, especially since it's only a ten minutes or so bus ride from school. I've walked around this place quite a bit in the past few days to have a look at what they have, and only time will tell if Sunset Way will really pick up in popularity.

Megumi doesn't have that many seats in its small (air-conditioned) interior, certainly not enough for a group of nine, but it does offer the option of going al fresco. There are of course a couple of overhead fans to cool the place down amidst the late afternoon - early evening humidity.

California Maki

Some of them ordered the weekday set dinners ($15.80++ for megumi set, $12.80++ for ramen set) and had the choice of an appetiser. This was what Leon had.


WanHua and Rebecca had this for their appetiser, one of the common favourites for Japanese food here in Singapore. For the uninitiated, "chawanmushi" is a Japanese egg custard dish served hot in a tea cup.

Obi Ebi Yaki Meshi: 8/10

I ordered this not just because it's one of the recommended dishes on the menu, but also because I was curious at how Japanese-style fried rice would taste like. Truth be told, it didn't taste Japanese, but I really liked it for the generous serving of prawns (fairly large-sized too) and well-cooked rice. As you can see, they added a couple of tempura prawn heads for good measure, which were crispy and a delight to bite on.

Kuruma Ebi Ramen

Daphne ordered this, but misread the menu and thought it would be prawn tempura. She doesn't exactly like prawns cooked this way, and wasn't too impressed with the soup base. I thought the soup was not bad actually, a much more refined taste from Maggi's prawn instant noodles, so I think it's really a matter of individual preference here. Both the prawns in the ramen were biggg, and since she didn't like them, guess who it went to? ;)

Yaki Udon

This looked really appetising when it arrived. Fried thick Japanese noodles with traces of seafood. Justin felt that this was slightly above average, but not necessarily outstanding.

Miso Char Siew Ramen

WanHua had more or less the same thing to say about her dinner as Justin did. She felt that Sushi Tei's ramen is better than Megumi's, a sentiment echoed by Khid as well with his Cha Soba (see below).

Saikoro Steak

Teppan-style beef cubes served with rice and miso soup. The three who had this agreed that the beef was good and tender.

Salmon Sashimi

Khid ordered this as a side, and liked it for being thick. He would have preferred it if the salmon was colder and fresher though, with an extra (juicier) slice of lemon.

Cha Soba

As Khid mentioned, this cha soba isn't as good as the ones found at Sushi Tei (which he added tasted great because it had chicken katsu accompanying it as well). He also felt that the cha soba is "a little soggy, (and) not so springy", and the sauce to dip the noodles in weren't cold enough. If he had to rate this, he would give a 6.5.

Salmon Don

And this was what Joy had for her dinner! Cute addition of the flower.

Overall it's alright. Pretty peaceful environment.

$14.80 for the oki ebi yaki meshi (big prawn fried rice)
$15.80 for the kuruma ebi ramen (ramen with big prawns)
$8.80 for the yaki udon (fried udon)
$10.00 for the salmon sashimi
$8.80 for the cha soba
$12.80 for the salmon don
$12.80 for the ramen set (which consists of an appetiser, miso char siew ramen, free flow of hot green tea, and a scoop of ice-cream)
$15.80 for the megumi set (which consists of an appetiser, saikoro steak, free flow of hot green tea, and a scoop of ice-cream)

*Prices subject to the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Blk 106 Clementi Street 12 #01-38, Sunset Way.

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