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Bloggers Outing: Lobby Lounge @ Marriott Hotel

11 April 2010

Where would a bunch of perpetually hungry food bloggers go after brunch on a Sunday afternoon? Why, for teatime desserts of course! I was very much attracted to the pretty array of cakes at Marriott's Hotel Lobby Lounge, and had suggested that we head there after our brunch at Spruce. It came down to a toss between this and Goodwood Park Deli, but comfort (and perhaps, even laziness) was the order of the day and we stuck to our plush seats at Marriott. Some additions to the guest list for the day:

Kaelyn from My Food Sirens
Daniel from Memoirs of Food
Phoebe from The Food Chapter
Harris from The Simplest Aphrodisiac
Fen and Yuan from Indulgence After Work-Out

As always, smiles and laughter all around the whole afternoon as sugars weaved through our veins and kept us lively. The good-looking cakes beamed proudly for the cameras, but it also meant that we were all in a hurry to snap as many pictures as we could before we finally gave in to temptation and hunger.

Rich Chocolate Cake

As the name suggests, this was a very rich chocolate cake, and one that has a good balance of dark and milk chocolate. Me and Daniel enjoyed this more than the others did, but we do agree that it would have been better if it had the hazelnut feuilletine layer for that extra crunch (such as those from 1 Caramel and Hilton's Checkers Deli).

Lychee Mousse

The lightness of the lychee mousse cake was pleasant, but the kirsch (so says the label) was practically non-existent. Good idea of adding fresh lychee slices in the mousse.


Yuan named this his favourite for the afternoon, and I thought it was quite good too. The cake was moist with a rich taste of espresso and hints of accompanying chocolate. If I had to order a whole cake from Marriott Hotel, this would be a good choice, provided of course all my peers are fine with coffee.

Strawberry Tart

Certainly the middle of attention, not just because of its bright red colour but also because of the sheer size of the strawberry slices. The ladies all agreed this was their choice favourite of the day. The strawberries were sweet, the crust was not too dry or flaky, and the almond custard pudding within it was delicious. Not surprisingly, this was compared with K Ki's tart, and I have to say they are both brilliant in their own ways.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Good cheesecake for its smooth texture, but it would be better if it has more of a strawberry flavour to it rather than just a top layer of jelly. Maybe that's why Checkers Deli's cheesecakes are in such high demand, since they have the flavours infused in them.

Cherry Michelle

The description says "chocolate almond cake with black cherries" but for all of us, this reminded us more of the typical (and uninspiring) banana cake. I'm sure the chocolate brownie would have fared a wee bit better than this.

Easter Pastry

It was the Easter weekend, and this was on offer for the occasion. Interestingly, while the bright colour eggs were not surprisingly chocolate eggs (a pity though that the chocolate egg was thin and hollow, and didn't taste very nice to me), the other gold-dusted ones were actually hard-boiled eggs, a somewhat odd addition considering how much sugars we were polishing off the table. The pastry was a bit tough and I would have this just as a table ornament for the day.


$5.90 for the rich chocolate cake
$5.90 for the cherry michelle
$5.90 for the strawberry cheesecake
$6.90 for the strawberry tart
$6.90 for the lychee mousse
$7.90 for the opera
$3.00 for the easter pastry

* Prices subject to 7% GST, and 10% service charge for dine-in.

Lobby Lounge, Marriott Hotel.

Pictures taken with the Canon EOS 500D.

2 Foodie Comments:

Daniel said...

Die la. I will be the last to update. again. ahaha

April 11, 2010 at 8:50 PM
*Harris said...

There's no rush Daniel. In fact, since there's already three similar posts, I would much rather read new places on your blog, especially those that I've not been to!

April 11, 2010 at 8:58 PM

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