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19 June 2008

I decided to bring Daphne to Oomphatico's for a dinner treat after learning about this restaurant from one of my lunches with my colleagues from MFA. And thankfully, she loved it =)

Just a peek from the entrance will give you a sense of awe and delight, especially for the ladies since it's all washed in soft pink and white. I've noticed a lot of first-time customers going "Ooh, it's so pretty!" and I've got to agree too.

What is striking about this place is it's style - a comfy yet equally presentable interior, a very strong service personality, and a culture of fun, tease and promise of good food. This restaurant is popular with expats, with adorable kids roaming around the place and the staff (probably from experience) skilfully dodging the little ones.

So what about the food you say? The menu is very creatively prepared, and features a unique mix (but not fusion) of Italian and Thai food. So as far as you've got your Cabonara pasta, you've got your Phad Thai as well, while risottos go head to head with pineapple fried rice. Take your pick, here's what we had.

Phad Thai: 7.7/10

I've been on a Phad Thai hunt ever since my trip to Bangkok, and even in Singapore I've gone on to try those at Thai Express, Siam Kitchen, Lerk Thai, and then some. The Phad Thai at Oomphatico's is one of the best ones I've tried here in Singapore, and resembles Nooddi's in Bangkok. The crunch of the peanuts and the spiciness from the chilli makes this a very delightful dish indeed.

A Thai in New York: 8.3/10

Daphne had this sandwich, which was described in the menu as "light chicken filets with basil sauce topped with a soft fried egg". The basil sauce was fragrant and added much flavour to the chicken, while the toast was also very evenly and nicely toasted. She enjoyed this very much =)

Service here is excellent. Everyone is smiling, and the staff here is patient, friendly and very polite.

$14.90 for the phad thai, $14.00 for the sandwich. ++ as usual.

163 Tanglin Road
#01-03 & 01-35/36 Tanglin Mall

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