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15 June 2008

It's been a long while since I've updated this foodie blog because I've been busy on an internship. At the same time I chose not to startle my colleagues by taking pictures during lunch, eventhough we've been to some very nice places and had some very nice food! No worries, in the next couple of months I'll try to go back to these places, starting with one on Thursday...

For now, me and Daphne visited Big O at Wheelock some time ago for dessert, and the cakes here are really worth a mention simply because they're so sweet, rich and good that it gets you on a high. Even if that's for a fleeting short while, it's still good stuff.

The Aphrodisiac: 7.7/10

I ordered this for two reasons. The first is really the name (see my blog?) and the second is because it's supposed to be chocolatey-rich. Indeed, this cake was so awfully thick with chocolate cream, bits, powder, and yes cake, though you may find milk chocolate clashing with bitter chocolate on some chews and bites. Still, I really liked this cake, though it was very filling and after going past two-thirds of it, the rest was pretty much pushing it down.

Big O Cheesecake: 8.2/10

Daphne had this, and boy was it good. Great mix of smooth chocolate mousse and soft cheesecake.

Good, though the manager wasn't as friendly as the staff, and explained so smile-lessly that no reservations can be made on weekends.

Close to $8 each including GST.

Orchard, Wheelock Place
Level 2, Opposite NYDC

Additional Comment
Big O is actually a sister company of NYDC.

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