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Timbre @ Substation II

27 May 2008

I was here with a few of our friends for pizza, though on a Saturday night we could only manage to get one of the less comfortable "high-seating" tables and chairs as many of the rest were already reserved. So for those interested to have dinner at Timbre on a weekend evening, do make reservations online or through the phone ya.

Chicken Pizza: 8/10

We couldn't quite remember the exact name of the pizza, but if it helps, it is the first pizza on the pizza list. Good pizza, it's thin and crisp, and the chicken and spanish onions went very well together. Add parmesan cheese and chilli and it's all complete.

Timbre's Seafood Pizza: 9/10

It wasn't exactly as good as the previous time, but still it was served hot with fresh-tasting ingredients. The picture is amazing isn't it, makes you want to just sink your teeth into the delicious looking pizza. Our friends were pleased.

Despite the low reviews online, I have to say for myself that the service was pretty good actually, the staff were polite and they were pretty attentive. One thing though, iced water is on a free one-round basis, and you can't have anymore after that. I suppose they sensed that I was quite amused at such a silly policy, and gave us another glass. It's not 2011 yet people, we're still getting our water freely from across the causeway.

$17.99 for the Pizza, excluding taxes.

The Substation
45 Armenian Street
Entrance is from behind the Substation House

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