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Andersen's of Denmark Ice-Cream

02 May 2008

Me and Daphne needed a bit of a treat whilst taking a break in the middle of exams, so fondue did sound like a great idea. After walking past the poster with the delicious-looking fondue for so many times, it was finally time for me to do some tasting for you! =)

Couple Fondue: 8.5/10

You cannot help but compare when you're eating chocolate fondues, though most of the time me and Daphne were cooing in delight as the warm chocolate slid down our welcoming throats... Oooh la la~

This time, our Couple Chocolate Fondue at Andersen's was up against Swiss Culture Swiss Culture Chocolate Fondue. Andersen's made up for its seemingly cheaper milky chocolate and lack of quality mid-bitter chocolate with a variety of condiments, from kiwis to cookies to of course, 5 small scoops of ice-cream of your choice. We wished Andersen's was more generous with its serving of chocolate though, because I was wondering why the fondue cup was so small compared to Swiss Culture. Hello, you've got a real chocolate lover here!

For ice-cream, we chose Belgian Chocolate Chip (my super all-time favourite!), Cookies & Cream, Strawberry & Cream, Tutti-Frutti Yoghurt and the flavour of the month which... HAHA I can only remember vaguely to be... peanut chocolate chip? By the way, this peanut chocolate chip proved to be the best flavour of all five, because it had that sweet taste of caramel as well. Ice-cream wise, still can't hold against Ben & Jerry's, except for the Belgian Chocolate Chip and the new flavour.

Quite a few fruits right? But it's always a trade-off if you think about it. Would you prefer more fruits or more variety? Andersen's seems to go for the latter.

The cone got me eating it with the ice-cream, though the cookies felt a little out of place to me. I dipped it in the chocolate and it was just... ordinary. But marshmallows! Should have more rather than just two right?

So there you go. Pretty good fondue, but yeah, it would be good if there's more! Daphne kept pretending to "drop" her fruits into the fondue cup, and then taking her time scooping it out of the cup and bringing up a most thickly chocolate coated slice!

It's always good to let your chocolate warm up a bit first before you dive straight in, though remember to keep stirring it else it gets kind of burnt and stuck to the bottom of the cup.

Very good and friendly. The middle-aged waitress was very helpful and nice.

$21.30 with taxes and after 10% SAFRA discount.

Marina Square #02-231A
[Just curious, if it's from Denmark, why is this ice-cream chain only situated in China, Bangladesh, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore?]

Additional Comment
1. NUS Students and Safra Members get 10% discount.
2. One of my most favourite milkshake is Andersen's milkshake with my Belgian Chocolate Chip ice-cream. I would give a 9/10 for it! =)

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