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19 May 2008

As you'd guess, our unsatisfactory experience at Ya Kun prompted us to head straight to Toast Box at Orchard Wisma a couple of days later for better toast. Never mind it's slightly more expensive, sometimes taste matter a lot. Besides, we kinda wanted to diet and do away with a full lunch. Toast apparently seemed like a good idea for weight-watchers, don't you agree?

Unless you choose to give in to temptations, and sin ultimately.

Peanut Butter Thick Toast: 8/10

(Un)Healthy serving of peanut butter. Man, I was stuck in a dilemma watching the lady spread the peanut butter, half of me wanted to say stop, the other was watching in glee at how thick it was HAHA.

Iced Milo Dinosaur: 8.3/10

HAHA. What happen to the diet?! I was weighing this with good ol' coffee, but somehow I wanted to treat myself for erm well... Fine, I tried to convince myself that I deserved something as sinful as this. But hey, no regrets, it was good. Thick iced milo with such generous toppings of milo powder. Chocolatey good!

Otah Toast: 7/10

Daphne thought this deserved a higher rating, but somehow I felt the otah could have done better with less of a curry-like taste, and well, a more otah taste! It was very spicy too.

Iced Horlicks

No ratings for this because I didn't try this, but Daphne said it was fine.

Very friendly.

Too hungry to really take notice.
It's close to $5 a set, which consists of the toast, two half-boiled eggs, and a drink.

Food Republic
Orchard Wisma Atria Level Four

Additional Comment
Do you know that Food Republic is run by the Breadtalk Group, and so is Toast Box?

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