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Bangkok: Suvarnabhumi Airport - S&P

16 May 2008

We didn't really get the restaurant name, but this one is situated on the third floor of the main public terminal next to the lift and a money changer, furthest from the "The Miracle Food Village". I wasn't exactly keen on eating in the airport because I expected it to be overpriced, but the girls were too hungry and we didn't want anyone rolling around in hunger at the very start of the trip haha.

Phad Thai: 6/10

So many of us plunged into the traditional Thai fried noodles, Phad Thai, but were sorely disappointed by the lack of flavour and you know, the indescribable "wok-fry" taste. This is the start of the Phad Thai adventure in Bangkok, trust me.

Crabmeat Fried Rice: 5.5/10

The fried rice was almost tasteless, but was narrowly saved by the crabmeat and haha, the egg.

Great. They seemed so eager to please and to serve you. If only this could have been trnaslated to better tasting food.

Man. 120baht for each, which when converted would be roughly above $5. But, you still have to pay for taxes, and the soft drinks are around $2 too! Not worth it at all.

S&P Restaurant (a strong guess here)
Bangkok: Suvarnabhumi Airport
Level Three

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