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Man Jia Le Full House

23 May 2008

Me and Daphne wanted something more after our less than filling dinner at Long John Silver's, and after walking around The Central at Clarke Quay decided to give in to our sweet tooth's temptations.

There's quite a variety of food despite the small area that this little cafe occupies at the basement level of this shopping mall. Some of the items have weird names that are pretty funny.

Super Kung Fu Iced Milk Tea: 8/10
Iced Peach Tea: 6.5/10

See what I mean. Super Kung Fu Iced Milk Tea. I was telling Daphne that maybe I should show some Kung Fu moves to describe the drink I want. Of course, all she did was raise her eyebrow and give me an odd look. The iced milk tea reminds me of the one at Qi Ji, and it was not too bad, thick and oh so sweet.

The iced peach tea on the other hand is from the typical NesTea type of dispenser, so don't expect anything different or unique. My recommendation is that you go for the iced milk tea, the yuan yang, or maybe even the milo, knowing that they would surely serve it as sweet and probably even thicker than the iced milk tea.

Sweet French Toast with Maple Syrup: 7/10

I would have preferred my french toast less soft (and soggy-like) but Daphne sorta found this good.

The thing about Full House's French Toast is that you are given a bottle of maple syrup to add as much as you like. The thing about Daphne is that she would gleefully soak everything in sweet sweet sweet maple syrup.

There, you see what I mean. Shiny, glistening maple syrup, sweet enough to almost neutralise the sweetness of my iced milk tea.


Super Kung Fu Iced Milk Tea: $2.30 (large)
Iced Peach Tea: $1.90 (small)
Sweet French Toast: $2.50

The Central B1-30
Clarke Quay

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