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Bangkok: MK Restaurants

16 May 2008

I never saw what was the draw about MK, unless you're talking about the roasted pork or duck that I couldn't eat, because the steamboat was pretty mediocre. My table, with Daphne and Kimberly (the rest were seated at another with the roasted stuff), ordered some seafood platter which the waitress so politely selected for me knowing that I didn't want any pork. Sweet.

Seafood Platter: 4/10

Here's the seafood and the vegetables that came along with it. With the eggs in it, you get the whitish layer when the soup was boiling. It was very plain tasting to be honest, and the variety was pathetic.

I would have chosen the Food Centre any time man!

Great. The waitress attending to us was very friendly and patient, and was always on the lookout for us.

600baht ~ $26.

Mah Boon Krong Centre
Level Two

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