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Food Junction @ Raffles City

17 May 2008

Me and Daphne often go around the basement of Raffles City so spoilt for choice for food, but somehow or another, we decided not to burst our pockets just before clubbing, and settled for the Food Junction food court on the third level. We settled on this stall, "Local Taste" because one of my friends was eating the Punggol Mee Goreng (don't ask me what's the significance of Punggol, must have had one particular famous stall I suppose) and it sure did look good.

Punggol Mee Goreng: 7.5/10

This was quite the crowd favourite, and almost everyone who came here whilst we were waiting was ordering the Mee Goreng. It turned out not too bad, Daphne found it a bit dry but I think it was good enough for me.

Black Carrot Cake: 7.5/10

The both of us shared this as well, and it was good. Evenly fried and the black sauce was sweet and delicious.

Good. My friend was joking how this stall was manned by "ah-bengs", indeed all three of them looked the part. But they were well-mannered and listened to your orders.

$4.20 for the Punggol Mee Goreng
$3.80 for the Black Carrot Cake

Local Taste
Food Junction
Raffles City Shopping Centre Level 3

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