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TSC by Tong Shui Cafe II

16 May 2008

Daphne joined my family for dinner and this was after our Bangkok trip. You can read more about TSC by TongShui here and know more about its Halal and 24-hour concept. Daphne ordered her HK Dried Noodles with Shrimp Wanton again, and so did we with the chicken wings, so we're not going to do another review on those. Here's a few other things that we tried.

Fried Rice with Black Pepper Chicken: 7.7/10

I found this to be pretty good actually, though the chicken was a tad overfried I have to admit. The gravy was pretty good and went well with the fried rice, which otherwise would have been quite plain on its own.

I was pretty hungry and the chicken looked so good, that I hurried with the picture shot haha. Apologies for the blurriness.

HK Dried Noodles with Chicken Chop: 7.5/10

My two sisters ordered this and they liked it quite a lot. Chicken chop seemed pretty tender and well-marinated. Noodles otherwise were the same as the one Daphne was having with her shrimp wanton.

Thick Toast with Peanut Butter: 8/10

Crispy on all sides and oozing with peanut butter goodness. It's fattening and sweet yes, but hey, it's worth the try really.

My dad also ordered the "lo mai kai" but because we were too busy eating, didn't get to take a picture. But it looks like any lo mai kai, and my dad says, it tastes like any other lo mai kai as well.

They missed out an order, and it seemed that the staff were very slow, probably because of the slow pace of business. My mum was telling me that they went for the buffet a week ago during Mother's Day and the staff were quite impatient as well.

A brief estimate of:
$8.88 for the Fried Rice
$2.88 for the Thick Toast
$7.88 for the Chicken Chop Noodles

Changi Airport Terminal 2
Viewing Mall, Level 3

Additional Comments
1. Halal-certified, but the only Tong Shui Cafe branch that is.
2. Open 24 hours.

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