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Eryimin Beancurd

17 May 2008

After our movie at The Cathay, me and Daphne wanted something for dessert, but we also wanted something "healthy" so that we wouldn't feel too guilty about it. We decided to have one of Singapore's favourite dessert in "tau hway" at Selegie, but this time round I managed to persuade the girlfriend to try the stall beside the more popular Rochor Original Beancurd. I've had a hard time trying to decipher the cursive writings, but I'd settle for Eryimin Beancurd.

Apparently, some time ago the stall used to be named Beancurd City, and was part of a sibling rivalry that roped in three stalls - two from Selegie, one from Geylang. Business at Rochor Original Beancurd has always outshined that of its neighbour, though my friends at SMU often recommended the latter. We could not ascertain however, if this seemingly new shop name is owned by the same people of Beancurd City. Hope someone could check this out, especially since googling has not been of much help. The following review is especially based on comparison to Rochor Original Beancurd.

Beancurd: 7/10
Soya Bean Milk: 8/10

Many food reviews have often mentioned that Beancurd City's tau hway is smoother and softer than Rochor Original Beancurd next door. I have to admit I could not really tell the difference here, but taste wise, somehow I prefer Rochor by a tiny bit more.

As for the soya bean milk, this is better than Rochor's. It's thicker and sweeter here, which I like.

You Tiao: 8/10

I have eaten Rochor's you tiao a good many time, and have always found it very oily and tried to manage the oil with the tau hway. The one sold here at Eryimin is not oily but still crisp and warm, which makes it much better than Rochor's then.

We wanted to laze around for a bit, so we took a couple of pictures with our very tiny guest star, Ladybird Cookie Monster heh ;)

And so, after introducing ourselves as foodie bloggers, we got him to try out some of the food.

I guess you can tell from his face that he loves it and is enjoying himself =)

The staff here were eager to please, not least because far too many customers were heading straight for Rochor Original. It's quite a pity that they kept rejecting the lady at the store front, perhaps lured by the neighbour's shouting (in chinese) of being the "traditional" and "original" store.

We paid less than $4 for one tau hway, one soya bean milk and two you tiaos.

Short Street, Selegie Road.

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