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Rochor Original Beancurd

12 April 2008

My mum was saying this shop has been around since she was a kid, and we agreed that it made the right move of staying out and not carving out to too many branches because it would create spinoffs like that of the "Katong laksa". So Rochor beancurd stays in Rochor.

We bought this home, and I'm actually eating as I'm typing this post. Yummmmmy.

Rochor Beancurd: 7.5/10

I was thinking if I should give a rating on this, because I'm quite sure many are divided on their opinion towards the beancurd. To be honest, most of these tau hway all taste alike, and I think what makes them different is really what you eat with them. Rochor's one is particularly smoother, so I'd notched it up a bit.

Buttefly Bun: 8.5/10

And that's where my butterfly bun come in! It tastes even better when you eat it warm at the place of course, but dipping it in the sugared water of the tau hway, as many people do too with their you tiao, makes it a very sweet and satisfying combination.

Portugese Egg Tart: 7.5/10

Pretty good, though I was quite amused that my little sister preferred to nibble away all the pastry and leave out the yummiest eggiest part. Haha.

Prompt. The people here are quite nice really. I remember once when me and a couple of friends went there as a pit-stop from asking for donations, that they donated as much as what we paid for in the food we bought.

Around a dollar or below for each of the items.

2 Short Street

Additional Comments
1. The other outlet next to Rochor, called Beancurd City, is actually opened by a brother of the present owner. Sibling rivalry? Read more here: ST Foodies Club: Spilling the Beans.
2. We normally think of the third outlet as the one in Geylang. Hey hey, all three owners are brothers!

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