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06 April 2008

Initially me and Daphne meant to go Qi Ji (nasi lemak shop) at Marina Square for lunch, but somehow I knew Daphne wanted something else. Along the way we came by Asian Kitchen at CityLink and I suggested we have lunch there instead. Her face lit up in delight immediately.

I have to specially add a place label "CityLink" (eventhough I don't see myself eating elsewhere other than here or Shokudo Pasta) because I realised I can't put it at Marina Square or Raffles City - Marina Square's restaurant is bigger and has a much wider variety of side dishes like Vietnamese Calamari or Sambal Kangkong, while the one at Raffles City is smaller and focuses more on the la mian, xiao long bao, dumplings etc type.

Signature Beef Fried Rice: 8/10

This is my usual at Asian Kitchen, much because it's spicy and pretty high on taste. Add the dried chillies and you've got yourself a lip-smacking beef fried rice. Hmm, come to think of it, a nice egg could top this dish off in an even better way.

Cereal Fried Rice: 7.5/10

Daphne almost ordered the chicken chop fried rice, but quickly changed to this when she saw it on the menu. She liked it very much, and I felt it really reminded me of the "cereal prawns" that I sometimes order at seafood restuarants. She rated this at 8, but I moderated it a bit because it lacked ingredients, and was pretty much rice, cereals, eggs and imitation crabstick. She insists it's still nice =)

Mango Sago: 5.5/10

I think its shocking to realise that for $3.50 you get a dessert serving just a teeny weeny bit larger than that of the size of a rice bowl. We found this awfully sweet, though Daphne pointed out that the mango fruit was a tad sour too.

Attentive and friendly.

Beef Fried Rice: $8.90
Cereal Fried Rice: $9.70
Mango Sago: $3.50

1 Raffles Link #B1-21

Additional Comment
Feeling thirsty and wanting something sweet and milky? I strongly recommend the Red Bean Milk Tea!

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