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23 April 2008

Exams are coming up! Which also means a few trips to my favourite Starbucks cafe at Marina Square as I get through page after page of readings, notes, and textbooks.

US Style Chocolatey Muffin: 8.3/10

No idea why it has to be "US Style" (*American hegemony!*) but still, this chocolatey muffin was oh so chocolatey good! The top crust was very crisp, and the inside is just rich chocolate, so rich in fact, and I don't know if this is a good thing, that after you're halfway through you're actually quite filled. The chocolate bits melt inside the muffin, so its really... chocolatey.

Buttery Croissant: 8/10

Daphne insisted I give an 8 for this. It tasted great when served hot from the oven, and was pretty buttery too. Okay duh, coz that's what it's called. But yeah, not bad, tastes good even when eaten plain. Somehow Daphne kept adding more and more butter, but she seemed happy so we'll just let her be haha.

Very good! The people here are always so friendly. See two cups above? I asked for a cup of water and they gladly gave me one in the cup on the left. I expected something tiny haha.

$3.00 for the muffin
$2.55 for the croissant

Marina Square Level 1

Additional Comments
1. I always get my fav venti (yes, the largest, seen in the big mug on the right above) Caramel Macchiato, while the girlfriend tried the Java Chip Frappe today.
2. If you're considering staying in Starbucks for a longer period of time, I suggest you ask for a takeaway cup for your warm drinks, as this keeps it warmer better. Less exposed with the cap you see =)

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