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Smok'inn Frogz

12 April 2008

Every Sunday I would take a look at the last few pages on the Life! section of the Sunday Times because there'd always be some food reviews or articles on the latest food craze. It was a couple of weeks ago that I came upon this small review on Smok'inn Frogz for its burgers, and seeing that it was along Bukit Timah I thought it was a good idea to head there with some friends to end off a very busy fortnight.

The Sunday Times article can be found here:

Smok'inn Frogz is really a kitchen within a little bar called Bar Bar Black Sheep. It might also be interesting to point out that Bar Bar is now within walking distance from the new Brewerks outlet. A little competition is always good, if you take it from a market-forces perspective.

Homemade Beef Burger: 8.3/10

I've always wondered what's with this concept of "homemade". Unless the chef lives in the kitchen and does the beef patties by hand, I don't see what really is the need to label it homemade. Still we get it everywhere.

The burger was pretty alright, though once again I felt Botak or Globetrotters have done better. As compared to Shokudo, this burger could do better with an egg, but it certainly has nicer fries. As compared to Changing Appetites, I think CA has fresher patties, homemade or not. Here at Smok'inn Frogz, I think the caramelised onions were not too bad, kinda like it but wish there were more of these.

Artwork by Daphne heh.

Chicken Burger: 6.5/10
Nothing out of the ordinary apparently. No pic coz they both look the same, the patties hidden by the burgers. The guy who ate this also commented that he found Shokudo's burger to be good, so it shows how subjective food tastes are! I hope Shokudo could do something about the state of its fries man.

Beer Battered Fish and Chips

No ratings for this coz I didn't taste this haha. On the whole it doesn't look like it was exactly meaty, does it. More flour than fish, a common disappointment for fish and chips.

Service is friendly, but it took a loooooooooong time before we got our food. It was crowded, but it sure took at least half an hour for our food to be done.

$12 for each.
$6 for a bottle of Heineken
$10 for a mug of Hoegarden.

879 Cherry Avenue
After the Bukit Timah turn-in to 6th Avenue, and near Tan Chong motors.

Additional Comment
1. Go before 7 to get a good seat, or be prepared to wait for quite a while, since many people here seemed prepared to just sit around with their beers and chat.
2. There also seems to be an Indian kitchen connected at the back, selling things like fried rice and tandoori chicken.

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