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Changing Appetites

08 March 2008

End of the week, and we decided once again that we needed a treat to lift our spirits up after a busy week. Daphne suggested Changing Appetites and started going on about her long lost desire for CA's Fajitas. For me, burgers came to mind!

CA Burger: 8/10

I like the fact that this beef patty is very very... beefy (yes, no other better word to describe it) and the "secret recipe" this restuarant claims for its marinate is awesome - seemed like a mix of wine and brown sauce. The onion fritter was also a much welcomed addition to the burger, and the buns were evenly toasted.

Cajun Chicken Fajitas: 8.5/10

Daphne enjoyed this a lot, though I myself am not very much a fan of cajun. She insisted this deserved a 9, but I pushed it down a bit to an 8.5, so you can tell that food ratings, as I've stressed from the start, is always subjective. Haha.

Very cheesy feel to this dish. Particularly a customers' favourite in this restaurant and I'd always see a few people having this whenever I'm here. Could be the taste, could be the big enticing picture in the menu. I'm also amused at how Daphne likes to eat her fajitas filled like a chinese pao haha.

Very attentive and friendly.

$12.90 for the CA Burger, $15.90 for the Cajun Chicken.

Marina Square #01-204

Additional Comments
Try their desserts and cakes. Although we didn't have room for desserts this time round, I used to come here for my sugar needs, heh.

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