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Lotus Thai Restaurant

03 March 2008

The very first thing I have to say is that no, I did not go to the actual restaurant at Murray Terrace, but instead I had my taste of Lotus Thai at the Fork & Spoon foodcourt in Novena Square 2!

Bearing news reviews and pictures of celebrities not only from the usual Channel U or even Utt from MTV, but also dear ol' Thaksin (who's now back in Thailand to face the rap for his corruption charges)! I wonder if Manchester City is honestly waiting for him to go on a spending spree like Abramovich did for Chelsea.

Khao Phad Thalay | Seafood Fried Rice: 7.5/10

Man this tasted awesome, especially with the dash of ground Thai chilli that I added for the extra zing. Not too oily, not salty, but instead very rich with flavour, you could like taste the herbs used to cook this. In a food court man!

They forgot that I didn't want veg, but they were so profuse in their apologies that hey, it's alright =)


Novena Square 2 Level 4

Additional Comments
If they have good fried rice, then I should come back soon for their phad thai ;)

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