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Beard Papa Sweets

28 February 2008

Me and Daphne were walking around after dinner when we went past this quiet Beard Papa Sweets outlet (compared to Donut Factory and J.Co Donuts). I suppose I took a few seconds longer than usual to linger and stare at the mochi flavours, though we've always been wondering what this mochi ice-cream thing is, especially after seeing it so often at Plaza Singapura. Daphne immediately wanted to buy it for me, probably feeling she needed to buy something after my treat an hour ago at Shokudo.

Mochi Creamery Ice-Cream: 6/10

We had the Azuri Red Bean and Mango mochis, as you can roughly tell from the colour. The lady told us to eat our little frozen goodies after seven minutes, but after twelve it was still pretty hard. In fact, the mochis turned out pretty ordinary, especially the ice-cream, but of course the outer layering was quite sweet. A bit rubbery too, if you ask me. A 6 because it isn't much value for money.


$2 each, which for that size and taste, isn't worth the money at all.

Raffles City Basement

Additional Comments
If you want something better from Beard Papa, just get their cream puffs, it's awesome. I particularly like the Cookie Cream Puff thing, which is crispier than the original one and oh so yummy!

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