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23 February 2008

I have been meaning to eat this for quite some time now, it's been quite a long way back since I had Superdog's hotdog haha. This is your "atas" sort of sausage buns so they tend to be a tad more pricey, well, comparable to Carl's.

Oh look, their Dos and Don'ts for hotdog etiquette! Haha, "sacred food" indeed. Ever saw that lttle Japanese guy stuffing hotdogs in his mouth in that eating competition? Think he was the defending champion for quite a while. But I digress haha.

Hot Dog Ripper: 7.5/10

I ordered this plain and added an egg, so it's really quite difficult to give a rating on this. Fried eggs and hotdog buns all taste the same. Still, the hotdog was nicely warm and didn't have that "plastic" sort of feel when you bite into it. It's tasty.

American Classic Beef Cheeseburger: 7.8/10

Daphne's favourite at Superdog, I don't remember her eating anything else than this all the time. She liked the juicy tender beef patty in the burger, and felt it was yummy as a whole. Good enough for a 8.5 according to her.

Beef Cheese Chilli Fries: 7.5/10

Even before we ordered this, from past experiences we knew this couldn't match up to the one served at Carl's Junior, and indeed things haven't changed despite the hiatus. Still, it beats the plain fries. The portions of beef were too little for our liking, and it was more gravy based, somewhat tasted a bit like beef stew too if you ask me. Some people think it's worth more praise because of the special chilli recipe but we differ on this.

Fast food concept, but very friendly and polite staff.

$4.00 ala carte for my hotdog (inclusive of $0.80 for an egg)
$4.80 for the burger.
$2.90 to make it a set meal.
[For more, see menu with prices online]

VivoCity #B2-40/41

Additional Comments
I'm tempted to try the Superburger and Fish and Chips soon ;)

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