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Kobayashi Hangul

26 February 2008

Kobayashi is very much like a Japanese-Korean fastfood outlet that's pretty much popular with the younger generation. Usually if you're thinking of going budget, here's a place to go. Of course, even if you aren't, there's a wide variety of food here to go on a spree.

Japanese Curry Chicken: 7/10

Very ordinary, to be honest the curry tasted like it was out of a can (but in fact, scooped out and poured over the chicken from a small pot) and was very sweet. It wasn't entirely filling too.

Ramen with Tempura: 7.3/10

The ramen looked very much like maggi noodles! Haha. Daphne liked the soup base, found it very sweet. She liked the tempura too, though in the end she pushed half of the stuff at me because she thought it would be fattening. Haha.

Well, language barrier, since the place is staffed by Chinese nationals. When I asked what was the tempura looking thing on their bento sets, she said (very amusingly to me I would say) va-gee-ter-ble, and probably thought repeating it over and over again in the same pronunciation would help. Heh.

Less than $10 for each, inclusive of a regular drink. Around $6 for the food each.

Basement, Orchard Cineleisure.

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