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Ben & Jerry's

26 February 2008

Tucked at a seemingly quiet place, the Ben & Jerry's at Dempsey's was quite packed and has this cheery feeling when you step in. Whether it was the sweet B&J girls or the homely country decor, you just feel comfortable and ready to soak in some ice-cream delight.

Daphne has never been to Dempsey's before, and I thought a little car-ride there would be nice. It was good that she was excited, especially when half the time she was chanting "Dempsey" and cooing after the all girls' current fav of Patrick Dempsey, the lead actor of the Grey's Anatomy series. The drive up there was challenging, because the lighting was so bad, and I even drove into the lane of an oncoming car haha. Still, we reached there alright.

Mix and Match Sundae: 9.3/10

Come on, Ben & Jerry's always make me a happy boy, and for Daphne, a delighted lil girl. The sweetness, the sugar rush, and the colourful decor would never fail to make us smile and lighten our hearts. The girl serving too was equally sweet, scooping like there was no tomorrow and had such a wide smile on her face.

We had:
His fav ~ Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Her fav ~ Strawberry Cheesecake
We also tried ~ Chunky Monkey

Toppings: Hot Fudge and M&Ms

Purrrrrfect. Shan't say too much of the B&J girls *weak shy smile* They were pleasant!

$13.80 for every outlet. But this outlet particularly charges a 10% service charge.

Block 8, Dempsey Road #01-14

Additional Comments
There's a also a bar and a restaurant, CA California, under the same roof.

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