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Al-Ameen Eating House

18 February 2008

One of the most popular place for Westies to satisfy their supper hunger pangs would definitely be along Cheong Chin Nam Road, and for many of us Al-Ameen needs little introduction.

Indian Mee Goreng: 3.25/5

I found this really good, although some may rightfully comment that it may be a little soggy. I like the mutton cubes and eggs fried so nicely together with the noodles.

Fried "Thai" Beef Kway Teow: 3.25/5

I put "Thai" in inverted commas because this is what Al-Ameen calls it to be but I have my reservations about thinking this dish is anywhere ethnically Thai. That aside, this is one of my usual orders here because I like the sweet dark sauce used to cook the noodles.

Do take note that although Fried and Goreng mean the same thing, essentially if you order, "Goreng" would get you something akin to the Indian style of noodles - orange and slightly more spicy. "Fried" on the other hand here would give you their style of "Thai" noodles, not really your Char Kway Teow or Phad Thai mind you, but more like Malay style fried noodles.

Mutton Murtabak: 3/5

The low point of this was that the portion should have been bigger, considering I got the $6 murtabak and here it looked more like a $4 portion. Tastes alright, though it would have been better if they could have been more generous with the mutton fillings.

Nasi Goreng Pattaya: 3/5

Pretty much okay, nothing to shout about. The fried rice was pretty sweet because of the tomato sauce used to cook it.

Very brisk. Sometimes it could be frustrating trying to get their attention, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Around $5 for each dish.

Cheong Chin Nam Road, Bukit Timah.

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