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Just Acia

03 February 2008

Tucked quietly in Dhoby Exchange, Just Acia seems like the final solution to deal with Dhoby Exchange's problems of not securing enough tenants (and customers for that matter). Occupying almost a third of the floor space, Just Acia looks almost too good to be true when it has free flow of drinks, hot beverages and ice-cream for its set meals. In other cases, you could add (or top-up as the youths like to call it) a nominal fee of around $3 for the free flow privileges. And oh, don't ask me why it's Acia not Asia.

Chicken Teriyaki Set: 8/10

This is really good stuff. The portion of the chicken is commendable, and the teriyaki sauce is sweet and very... It's lip smacking really. Some parts of the chicken are a little bit over-fried, but it gives the chicken an overall crispy exterior and yet still soft on the meat, which goes well with me.

Deep Fried Chicken Set: 7/10

On first bite this tasted like popcorn chicken, but if you add this with the Thai (whoops, three food cultures now?) sweet chilli, you've got yourself something really tasty. Very crispy, which got the thumbs up from Daphne.

Softshell Crab with Chawamushi Set: 7.5/10

This rating came from our friend because neither of us tasted his dish, though he seemed very pleased with it. He liked the chawamushi, and found the crab to be one of the better cooked ones he has eaten, as compared to some which have pretty weird after tastes.

Very attentive staff. There's not many of them, but they can see you even if you wander off to the various points of Just Acia's open concept restaurant (open in that you don't have a single confined space, but not open as in outdoors, since this is underground). Wonderfully polite too, the manager actually came over to apologise when one of our orders strayed a bit later than the others.

Around $10 per set, though this could go up to $14 for some others. Pretty good deal if you ask me, since you;ve got the free flow fun.

Dhoby Ghaut MRT: Dhoby Exchange

Additional Comments
Free flow of ice-cream is on the ordinary Magnolia standard flavours of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate chip. And then you have coffee and mango flavours too. So if you think about it, it isn't that bad, you could do a mini Swensens topless 5 if you want.

This place is perfect for students or groups who just wanna sit and chat all day long. Will definitely return here yummy.

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