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Da Jie Niang Dou Fu

29 March 2008

I learned about this stall through another food blog actually, one which I read pretty often. Me and Daphne were thinking of going somewhere near campus for dinner, and I suggested coming to this place since the yong tau foo looked pretty appetising through the blog's photos.

It's a modest, small eatery in a very quiet neighbourhood, further away from the central area. You might just need to use the street directory to find this place, though I had it in my head in one glance so it shouldn't be a problem for you too. Above, you can see the four different "bases" they have for the yong tau foo. They also have some ala carte dishes, a couple of which we tried.

Ampang Yong Tau Foo: 7.4/10

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my Nokia N73 Music Edition for the pictures it can take? *smiles* Anyway, this is yong tau foo in "ampang" gravy, which is described as "unique sweet and sour" and a little spicier "for that extra kick".

In contrast to the non-spicy and more starchy ampang gravy at Suntec, this one tastes more like "Tao Jio", or fermented soybean sauce. Still, we liked it, and I'm glad to see that this place has a habit of frying its items for the non-soup dishes. I like my ingredients in the ampang gravy fried and crispy! Yum yum =)

Fried Salad You Tiao: 7.7/10

Sinful as it is because of the mayo, this dish is still great on taste nonetheless because of the crispiness and fishcake-like thing in the you tiao.

Fried Calamari: 6/10

I found this a tad over-fried, and at some parts the sotong/calamari were a tad tasteless, probably because of the oil. The unique thai sweet chilli saved this though.

Good. They send the food to you. Need to pick up on speed though.

Since we were kind of eating a few dishes, we cut down on the yong tau foo items to the minimum of 6.
Yong tau foo: $3.50 (including gravy)
Fried salad you tiao: $6.00
Fried calamari: $6.00

Clementi Avenue 2, Blk 354.

Additional Comment
This stall is certified Halal.

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