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Ayam Penyet Ria

03 March 2008

We meant to eat at the nearby Ci Nai Hong Kong cafe, but it was raining and we decided it would be better to stay indoors. We saw the poster for this while waiting for our waffles at ButterCup, and thought why not? For the food enthusiasts, this is the same branch as the one in Orchard Lucky Plaza.

Ayam Penyet with Rice: 7.5/10

Directly translated, it means "smashed chicken", which is also reflected in the menu. Odd because it wasn't entirely smashed, just a tad flattened.

Somehow I felt the chicken here was cooked better (compared to Lucky Plaza) - it was not overfried and the extra crisps, tempeh (fermented soybeans) and tofu were cooked to a nice golden brown. Be very careful of the chilli served at the side though, I came prepared from my previous experience and so took it bit by bit. Taking too much at a go could very well numb your tongue, and taste, for the rest of the meal!

Good. You've got to fill your order in some paper and pay at the cashier first though.

$6.50, it could be slightly cheaper if you ask me, considering it's just chicken, tempeh and tofu.

Novena Square 2 #B1-01 to 05
Also: Orchard Lucky Plaza, #01-45 and #04-25;
Jurong Point #B1-06 and Tampines Mall #04-27.

Additional Comments
1. It's Halal.
2. I saw quite a few people enjoying the gado-gado as well as the mee soto. The fried fish seemed quite popular too.

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