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03 March 2008

Daphne wanted to treat me today, a sudden feeling of altruism that I decided to exploit as little as I could. We saw this interesting (it's the colours I tell you) little shop at the corner of Novena Square 2 before we went up to the foodcourt for lunch, but I'm sure it was on her mind throughout because of the yummy looking waffles. And since it's in the midst of opening, there's always room for discounts!

Cheap eh? Click on the pic for a closer look. It kind of took the business away from the lil bakery beside it, but then the bakery's part of a chain anyway. They're still moving things in, someone asked for a coffee and they told her to come back next week. Ha!

Waffles with Peanut Butter: 8/10

Give me crispy waffles that are warm, thick and has the crisp-on-the-outside-and-soft-on-the-inside touch and you've got yourself a very satisfied boy -grin-

Peanut butter's ordinary (aren't they all) but the waffle's good. It's just that I haven't been that adventurous, because if you scroll back up to the menu, you realise they've got fruits up for grabs. The special banana chocolate mix looks enticing doesn't it? Soon! =)

Cheese and Chocolate Taco Balls: 6.5/10

I was surprised Daphne has not tried or heard of this before. It seems this little favourite snack of mine which I used to buy when I was way much younger is finally making a comeback. Little semispheres of soft batter with either cheese, chocolate or kaya fillings inside. Anyone remember these?

Pity the taco balls weren't served very warm, and Daphne felt the cheese filling was too little for her to really savour it (she loves her cheese yes). I tried to give them a second chance by coming back in the evening, but it was near closing and I got myself pretty cold ones. Unlike the waffles, I suppose these are baked slightly too early in advance, left there to lose their warmth. Should feedback to them, coz the ones I had last time were usually sold at those little pushcarts where you wait while it's cooked right there in front of you.

Oh, and I forgot to mention why there's only three, not ten. We were so hungry, we ate seven of them on the way haha!


$1.30 for the peanut butter waffle
$2.00 for 10 taco balls

Novena Square 2 #01-19

Additional Comments
The cupcakes look great too. Daphne bought two home and liked the banana-flavoured one a lot.

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