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Tohirah Restaurant @ Jalan Kayu

30 March 2008

I don't normally like to have supper after a heavy dinner (with a sweet chocolate cornetto after that too mind you) but the invite by a relative to Jalan Kayu seemed too good to pass. It has really been some time since I've gone there, and as I've been telling my girlfriend, the thought of adding more posts of food on this blog will always be the best incentive haha!

This is Tohirah Restaurant along the Jalan Kayu stretch (I see Mad Jack here too, but the one along Bukit Timah looks more accomodating if you ask me). Very crowded on a Saturday night, but what you do get is a nice picture of multiculturalism! Chinese, Malays and Indians all gathered here for the love of food =)

Roti Prata [Plain / Egg] - 6.5/10

HAHA. You must be thinking, all the way to Jalan Kayu and only for plain prata?! As I said, I was full from dinner and dessert, so all I had space left for was one plain and one egg (not shown in pic). Still, if we're talking about good prata, we should always look at basics first shouldn't we?

Alas, this one was terribly ordinary fare, even the curry was boring to say the very least. I know there's a couple more prata shops in the area, all claiming to be the Jalan Kayu roti prata, but this one is definitely not it then. To be honest, the prata place along Thomson is crispier and the curry is better too.


Perhaps riding on Jalan Kayu popularity, this shop sells plain pratas at $0.90 a piece, and $1.50 for an egg one. Man!

Jalan Kayu, Tohirah Restaurant

Additional Comments
1. They have your typical Indian muslim ala carte fare as well as Halal seafood here. I think some of the dishes are cooked by chinese chefs too, since I saw them at work in the kitchen.
2. Because I had a pretty ordinary visit to Jalan Kayu, today's breakfast was... Roti Prata again! HAHA. But this time, my mummy cooked the frozen ones from the supermarket, and let's be honest: It's much better! Not oily, not thin, but really... nice! Don't ask me why it's spelt "roti paratha" haha, I was wondering why too.

Curious how it would look? Of course nothing far from the original prata. Lightly crisp, and the flour is good. No oil needed too, just pan fried (or heated).

Guess what's the next best thing, it costs only about $2 for a packet of 5! (I'm tempted to cook this for the girlfriend soon!) We didn't cook curry though, we were lazy and made do with Yeo's canned Chicken Curry heh.

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