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TSC by Tong Shui Cafe

06 May 2008

Tong Shui has its quirky element of Italian fusion in it with its baked pasta, and yes a variety of Western dishes as well, making its menu pretty extensive. In fact, it boasts close to 600 items!

TSC by Tong Shui Cafe is the chain's first attempt at reaching out to the Muslim community in Singapore with its Halal certification, and to me it's a pretty impressive concept (and effort) that's worth some praise. Of course, they could have done better with the naming, TSC still stands for Tong Shui Cafe if you think about it, but perhaps it's all under one simple branding strategy.

The interior is quite pretty, the usual Tong Shui design actually. One thing I found odd was that yes, I know it's Halal, but you don't have to play Suria channel on the television right?! I think to make it more authentic, it's fine playing some HongKong serials instead. The other television was showing MTV. Well, on to the food!

(1) HK Milk Tea: 6/10

The milk tea wasn't particularly milky, nor did it have a strong tea taste. Should have gotten the yuan yang coffee-tea combination.

(72) Mango Cooler: 6/10

Daphne had this, but she found it too fizzy for her liking. Still, she liked the fruits and jellies in the drink.

(557) Macaroni Mat Tu Loh: 7/10

"Mat tu loh" refers to what I would call the "processed meat trinity" HAHA - chicken sausage, chicken ham and chicken salami. The macaroni tasted pretty good actually, the cheese was yummy. The processed meats may have made the dish a tad saltier than it would otherwise been, but mixing it with fried chicken wings (chicken again!) did the trick.

(372) HK Dried Noodles - Sunset Egg and Shrimp Wanton: 8.3/10

Daphne liked this a lot, and was grinning everytime she bit into the crispy crunchy fried wanton. The noodles were evenly cooked and if you look at it, it's like a balanced meal in itself.

(300) Half Dozen Chicken Wings with Fries: 8/10

Half a dozen makes 6, but in essence it really means six chicken wing parts rather than six full chicken wings. We liked the spices and marinate used for the chicken, which made them a good complement to our main dishes.

Friendly, and it wasn't really a long wait. Then again, it was close to 8.30 on a Monday evening and there weren't many people around. The airport was pretty quiet, you could play bowling if you wanted to with all the clear lanes.

You've got to write your orders on a piece of paper and pass it to the waitress. If you hadn't known by now, the numbers preceding the food names above refer to their menu item numbers.

HK Milk Tea: $1.88
Mango Cooler: $3.88
Macaroni Mat Tu Loh: $9.88
HK Dried Noodles Sunset Egg & Shrimp Wanton: $5.88
Half Dozen Chicken Wings with Fries: $9.88

Yeah "88" indeed!

Changi Airport Terminal 2
Viewing Mall, Level 3

Additional Comments
1. Halal-certified, but the only Tong Shui Cafe branch that is.
2. Open 24 hours.

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