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Bangkok: Baskin Robbins

16 May 2008

Some of us split up whilst shopping in MBK, and I was left with Daphne and Kimberly. We needed a break from all the walking and for the girls, relentless shopping and buying, and ice-cream seemed like a great idea. We were thinking about Swensens, but Baskin Robbins was within a few steps away and the girls naturally, well, went for the nearest place.

Single Scoop Jamoca Almond Fudge: 9/10

Man this was good. Chocolate, almond and milky ice-cream all rolled into one!

Ice-Cream Sundae: 9/10

I admit we didn't really remember the exact name of this Sundae, but it's one of the few "towers" available and had three scoops of ice-cream (among which the girls chose orange sherbet and cookies&cream), pocky sticks, chocolate chips and some. Sweet goodness.

Excellent. They kept refilling our glasses with iced water.

An estimated:
35baht ~ $1.50 for the single scoop.
105baht ~ $4.50 for the sundae

Mah Boon Krong Centre
Level One

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