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Thai Express

26 June 2008

This particular entry deserves mention because I'm posting this after I ate the dish thrice at Thai Express, albeit at different branches. With Oomphatico's, Siam Kitchen and a couple of other food courts lined up, it's amazing to think that I actually ate Phad Thai at least seven times within a single month.

Phad Thai Talay [Seafood]: 8.3/10

The reason why Thai Express' Phad Thai is slightly better than Oomphatico's is because of its seafood, and also for the fact that it is marginally less oily. The picture above is taken from the Viocity outlet, which came slightly wetter as compared to the ones I ate at Holland Village and Raffles City. Nonetheless, Thai Express has managed to maintain a general sense of consistency that got me back to the place for the third time.

People who have tasted those sort of roadside stalls in Bangkok may contest with this rating, and I admit that the Phad Thai in Singapore (at least the ones I've tasted thus far) lacks the taste similar to the traditional "wok hey" (the often elusive hawker taste that is difficult to replicate in other conditions) of dishes like char kuay teow. Still, if it's anything to go by, the Phad Thai from Thai Express is good. Comparatively, Siam Kitchen's Phad Thai is horrible, especially since it tastes like a lot of ketchup (!!) was being used. The latter however can still be visited for its ala carte dishes.



Holland Village (Next to Coffee Bean)
VivoCity #B2-30
Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-13/14 The Raffles MarketPlace

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