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Killiney Kopitiam

21 September 2009

I've always thought Killiney Kopitiam was about coffee, kaya toast and half-boiled eggs. I never knew (until recently, of course) that its menu has expanded steadily to include things like penang fried kway teow, sambal fried rice, black pepper chicken and even fish porridge. I doubt all of the Killiney outlets in Singapore have such an expanded menu, but if there's one place that I can be sure of that would be the new branch at Paradiz Centre.

Sambal Fried Rice: 3.25/5

A very generous portion for the affordable price of $4.50. It usually costs $5 but this was on the "lunch special of the day" list and came with a free barley or grass jelly drink. It's tasty enough for my simple tastebuds, but I have to admit that halfway through the rice you would start feeling a little... bored. Still, decent and cheap enough.

Penang Fried Kway Teow: 3.5/5

The fried noodles were not too bad (generous portion as well) and we noticed that this was almost on every table during the lunch hour. Good balance of noodles with ingredients like prawns, squids and fishcakes. Again, this is nothing impressive but we thought it's decent enough for a simple lunch.


$5.00 for the sambal fried rice
$0.70 for an additional fried egg
$4.80 for the penang fried kway teow

* Lunch specials vary from day-to-day.

Paradiz Centre (Selegie Road), #01-03.

Additional Comments
1. No pork, no lard menu.
2. First picture source here.

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