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Eighteen Chefs II

06 September 2009

This is the second time that I'm at Eighteen Chefs, the first being at Simei Eastpoint, and I have to say that the dining experience is still as pleasant as before. From its first restaurant at Eastpoint, Eighteen Chefs have since expanded to three more outlets - Tiong Bahru Plaza, Yishun 10 and Fusionopolis (along Buona Vista) - which is good news especially for students given their "student-friendly" menus and promotions. And oh, speaking of which, here's the link to their menus :) What I like most about Eighteen Chefs actually is their service as the staffs are always so cheery, friendly and polite. Makes dining all the more pleasant!

Beef Slices and Sausages - Japanese Curry Flavour: 3.5/5

The way Eighteen Chefs works is that you get to choose the sauce and ingredient(s) to your pasta or baked rice, which comes up to quite a lot of combinations given the variety of ingredients (take a look at the menu). The students promotion is a bit more interesting because while you have to choose from the four cheapest ingredients, you will actually get a free ingredient top-up if you make an ingredient add-on. It just means you would end up with three ingredients for the price of two :)

I was curious about how the japanese curry sauce would taste like and I have to admit that I was quite disappointed that it turned out watery and not as flavourful as the typical, thick Japanese curry. At least the tender beef slices and the nicely baked cheese did not disappoint. By the way, there's only two ingredients (beef and sausages) because I opted for a double serving of beef slices, as did my sisters with their main ingredients.

Minced Beef and Sausages - Tangy Tomato Flavour
Chicken Slices and Sausages - Tangy Tomato Flavour

The sisters said it was okayyy, though the older sister prefers Pastamania. I think they should have at least cooked the sausages together with the gravy rather than just putting it bare like that. At least it wouldn't be so obvious that the pasta and its ingredients and sauces were cooked separately haha.

Peanut Butter with Condensed Milk Toast: 3.25/5

The peanut butter toast could have been better, and I think the weak point would have been the bread. It should have been more well-toasted with a thicker layer of peanut butter - the more sinful, the better.


Yeaps, that's how the name goes. My mum had this with the peanut butter toast (which she shared with the rest of the family) and she commented that the scrambled eggs were quite nice. The rest were well, normal.

9-Inch Beef Hotdog

My dad liked the hotdog, though I would think it would have been better with chilli and mayo instead of beef bolognaise sauce.

Very very good!

$6.00 for the basic student meal, which comes with an iced lemon tea (left) and a scoop of ice-cream
$2.00 for ingredient add-on of
beef slices/chicken slices/minced beef
$2.90 for the peanut butter with condensed milk toast
$5.90 for the eggschipsbeansveg
$8.50 for the 9-inch beef hotdog
$1.80 for a glass of sprite
* Prices subject to 7% GST.

Tiong Bahru Plaza, #02-K1/K6.

Additional Comments
I'm quite sure Eighteen Chefs has Halal-certification, but the Muis logo was nowhere to be found on the menu, nor on the website itself. The certificate was right there at the Eastpoint outlet display window but I couldn't quite spot it at the more open-style restaurant at Tiong Bahru Plaza. On a separate (but somewhat related) note, you can click here for a review by Malay magazine Manja.

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