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26 March 2010

I have to say I'm really a big fan of Reiz from Sittingwishingeating because she's one of the remaining few bloggers who has kept to exploring (and discovering) hidden gems from around the island and then going on to share it with all of us. After K Ki and Vanilla Cafe, she did it once again with Kichn here, a simple and minimalist eatery tucked so comfortably and out of nowhere in Albert Court. Kichn is a really good find and I really, really like it, and it was the perfect place for my delightful birthday lunch.

Simple, neat and down-to-earth decor, all in al-fresco style with just a few fans around to keep the area ventilated. Judging from the way the food is served in disposable lunchboxes (and with limited seats available as well), I would think that Kichn actually encourages take-aways more than seat-ins.

Speaking of food, Kichn works on a flexible menu basis where you get to choose the "base" (type of noodle), the mains and the accompanying sauce, letting you "cook up a storm" as it were and allowing you to satisfy your inner cravings. Ice-blended drinks similarly follow a mix-and-match scheme where you get to choose from fifteen different flavours and have the option of doing a single, double or triple blend. Drinks are $1.90 cheaper if you get a main dish, so why not, you deserve that sugar rush anyway!

Deep-Fried Calamari

The food at Kichn, I must state very clearly here, is nothing extraordinary. That said, it is comfort food to the max and one of the best around surely. All deep fried to chow on, and all sugary sweet to slurp on, what's there not to like? The Deep-Fried Calamari here for instance was cooked to a crisp, light brown and had the much welcomed addition of salts and herbs to make it a bit more flavourful. An appetising start.

Chicken Cutlet Spaghetti with Chilli Crab Sauce

Interestingly, I ordered exactly the same main dishes as Reiz had in her blog, in part because the best friend's beef patty was not ready as yet and she had to settle for the portobello mushroom (see below). I meanwhile already had my eyes set on this enticing and drool-worthy combination of Chicken Cutlet and Chilli Crab gravy, and it turned out (much to my joy) to be a huge-ass chunk of oily cutlet alongside thick and aromatic gravy.

Comfort food at its best.

Portobello Mushroom Spaghetti with Cream Sauce

While the best friend thought this was alright, I still don't think it was half as decadent and as satisfying as mine. How can you compare crispy and juicy chicken cutlet with plain, boring-looking portobello mushroom? The answer is, you can't, but at least now you know what's more worth indulging in.

Milo-Coffee Blend & Lychee, Oreo and Milo Blend

I love the sugar high that these drinks get me on. I tried Kichn's suggested "wow" triple blend of Lychee, Oreo and Milo (right of picture above) and it was sooooo good. Imagine the typical Oreo and chocolate blend, but this time with the refreshing, fruity addition of lychee. This is really something that you would grow to like more and more with each sip.

Very good. Place your orders at the counter, and the food and drinks will be delivered to you shortly thereafter.

$7.90 for the deep-fried calamari
$6.90 for the chicken cutlet spaghetti with chilli crab sauce
$8.90 for the portobello mushroom spaghetti with cream sauce
$5.00 additional for a triple blend
$4.00 additional for a double blend

For a list of the items on the menu, click here.

180 Albert Street
#01-05, Albert Court

Additional Comment: Opening Hours
Mon–Thu: 9am – 9pm
Fri–Sat: 9am – 11pm
(Closed on Sun)

Pictures taken with the Canon EOS 500D.

8 Foodie Comments:

ice said...

Hidden gems with comfort food to boot needn't be expensive. (:

March 26, 2010 at 7:05 AM
HungryEpicurean said...

Hmm, nice. Though deep fried food, ain't really my cup of tea :(

March 26, 2010 at 9:38 AM
*Harris said...

ice: yes exactly! thank you to kichn for making my day :)

glenn: i know, you need your food exquisitely baked, or pan fried, or seared, or braised with only the finest wines... hahaha

March 26, 2010 at 5:52 PM
Daniel said...

Woah, the bread crumb coating of the cutlet looks really good!

March 27, 2010 at 5:57 PM
*Harris said...

Comfort food, comfort food :D Crispy indeed, and the ice blends... always have one fruit flavour in your blend, makes it so refreshing!

March 28, 2010 at 12:08 PM
reiz said...

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

April 6, 2010 at 8:30 AM
Anonymous said...

I just spent 10 minutes looking for the picture used in the "Recommended Eats" section of your blog and I finally realised that you hadn't used the same picture for the actual blog entry. Very sneaky

May 13, 2010 at 10:24 PM
*Harris said...

it may be the same picture, only automatically resized by blogger ;)

May 13, 2010 at 10:32 PM

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