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Fatboy's The Burger Bar

02 March 2010

Just some time ago the Hungrygowhere food forum called for votes on the “Best Burger” in Singapore and being the avid burger fan that I am I naturally kept a close eye on how that went. Interestingly, a relatively new burger joint in Upper Thomson Road came out as one of the top voted burger places (if I remember correctly it topped the chart!) and barely a fortnight later I was right there with my buddies.

Maybe it was because of its new found fame from Hungrygowhere. Or maybe it already had its own loyal following. Whatever it was, Fatboy’s The Burger Bar was packed on a Friday night, and it was only after an agonising twenty minutes wait (can you imagine standing there seeing plate after plate of handsome burgers being served) that we finally got a table. By then, it was already a little past nine.

Sunny Basterd Burger

Ok fine, I made that name up, inspired by Fatboy’s larger specialty burger Fat Basterd. I basically DIY-ed my own burger, Fatboy's is one of the rare burger joints here that actually encourages you to do that, and got myself a Fatboy beef patty (200g), a sunny side up egg and some caramelised onions, all topped with Fatboys’ specialty homemade barbecue sauce.

I liked the taste and texture of the honey oat bun (which actually is of a darker shade then the picture above; for a closer resemblance, see the preceding picture) as well as the doneness of my beef patty. I know some burger purists have commented that the patty here is of the frozen variation, and if that is so then this would probably be one of the better pre-frozen ones haha. It wasn't crumbly, it wasn't overly dry and it didn't have that thawed juice/water that some have spotted. So it's quite alright, even if it's not the most impressive.

Porkie Salami Burger

John liked the doneness of his pork patty too, medium well with that pinkish hue inside. He was not satisfied however with the portions of his salami and sautéed mushroom add-ons, commenting that there were just about three small pieces of each. On overall, he definitely wasn't very impressed as well.

Burger of the Day

Darren’s order of the Burger of the Day came in the form of a Curry Lamb Burger, which sadly didn’t impress him much because the curry flavour was not that discernible. He also had the same complaint that his pickles and jalapeno add-ons were just far too little.

Although it was a long wait for the table, the wait staff continually checked back on us with kind words and that made the wait somewhat bearable. Still, the wait for our burgers came up to close to forty minutes, and that’s a bit too long even if restaurant is running on full-house. If you think about it, I only started dinner at ten!

Much thanks to the boys for agreeing to try Fatboy's out with me, though apologies that it didn't turn out as great as Hungrygowhere voters made it out to be!

$14.30 for the sunny basterd burger (fried egg, caramelised onions & cheddar cheese)
$13.30 for the porkie salami burger (salami & sautéed mushrooms)
$13.50 for the curry lamb burger (pickles & jalapenos)

187 Upper Thomson Road, beside Longhouse and Shell Petrol Station

Pictures taken with the Canon EOS 500D.

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