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Da Lat, Vietnam: La Sapinette Hotel

17 September 2010

Some of my friends have wondered if I am eating in too much on my work trips, but I must assure you that this isn't the case. It just isn't appropriate to be snapping away at food during my working lunches and gala dinners, so what you see on this blog is just a small part of my meals overseas. Don't worry, I'm fed well, and for those who have seen me around recently, you may have already concluded that I've been fed too well haha. But no, I've not grown to the point that I need beds for three people (see picture above), it was just over-generosity on the part of the Vietnamese and Koreans.

I must admit that I've never heard of Da Lat till I was selected to go on this trip. A small town amidst the hills, Da Lat certainly has a serene charm of its own and it did feel like a good break from the work rush back in Singapore. If you like "out-of-nowhereness", maybe a place to just relax and (almost) do nothing at all, you might be happy to know that there will be direct flights from Singapore to Da Lat in the near future.

Onion Soup

I expected an airy puff on top, just the way the French do it, and so I was a little disappointed when I didn't see that on my soup. It came out alright, quite satisfying actually when dipped with toasted bread.

Steak Sandwich with Cheese

Da Lat is known for its fresh fruit and vegetable produce, but it didn't mean much to a red-blooded meat-eater like me. While the thin strips of beef tasted better than expected, it was still just wayyy too simple for me.

Fried Rice with Seafood

A safe bet in Asian hotels, inasmuch as most of them taste alike. Passable basic fare. What I liked more was the strong Vietnamese coffee, perks your day and night up like no other.

VND 47,000 for the onion soup
VND 85,000 for the steak sandwich with cheese
VND 59,000 for the seafood fried rice

* Prices subject to 10% service charge.

La Sapinette Hotel,
Da Lat, Vietnam.

Pictures taken with the Canon Ixus 80 IS and Apple iPhone 4.

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