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Hanoi, Vietnam: Sofitel Plaza Hotel

13 September 2010

Sofitel Plaza Hotel did feel somewhat like a second home to me when I was there for almost two whole weeks in July. It definitely has the two basic things that you could possibly ask for after a long stretch of meetings for the day - a very comfortable bed, and of course, good, hot food. Simple needs, simple desires, all easily satisfied.

If I may add, one of the best things about my room was the view of the lake, a pretty and refreshing sight that greeted me every morning. Things like TVs and cable channels don't quite interest me much when I'm on overseas work trips - if I am not in my room working on my notes or reports, I would probably be chilling out with my colleagues at the executive Club Sofitel Lounge.

If you're thinking I would start rolling out traditional Vietnamese food in this post (and the few to come), I would have to disappoint you and say there isn't any. Most of the time I would be having my dinner in my room, much because I'm usually too tired to venture anywhere else. Other times, it would be at official dinners and I don't see the need to whip out my camera like a wide-eyed tourist haha...

Indonesian Nasi Goreng

The Indonesian Nasi Goreng was alright, I liked the overall flavour to it but did find the rice a tad too dry for my liking. Satay sauce was good.

If I had to compare, the Seafood Fried Rice at the Club Sofitel lounge was a bit better with it being filled with seafood ingredients - prawns, squids, fish and even some clams. A bit too heavy for breakfast though!

Next time, I would try the stir-fried noodles and of course, the quintessential Vietnamese pho, beef noodles! The pho took me a little getting used to (you know I'm not the biggest fan of soupy dishes) but I'm starting to like it quite a bit now.

Beef Burger
With fried egg and cheese

The Beef Burger was everyone's favourite comfort food after a long day of meetings. Tender beef patty, fried egg, melted cheese and crisp crinkle cut fries - a satisfying combination for any road warrior.

Pan-Fried Beef Rib-Eye
With sautéed new potato, mix of green lettuce and herbs from Dr Hung's garden from Da Lat, Phu Quoc green peppers and mushroom sauce

On one of the nights, well the last night actually, I wanted to give myself a treat because everything had gone smoothly. This being Vietnam, one of the most expensive items on the menu only came up to not more than S$30, and you can imagine a much higher price tag if you're having this in a reputable hotel in Singapore.

Don't judge by the price tag though, because this was a really thick and good slab of rib-eye. The mushroom sauce was addictive, and the potatoes were sweet and delicious. A pity the greens were lost on a carnivore like me, especially when they come from the fresh hills of Da Lat.

While the French may not be the most popular people in the minds of the Vietnamese (especially the older generation), remnants of their colonial occupation remain - architecture, language (the romanised quoc ngu) and even technology. The best thing that I think they left Vietnam with however, and this is only in the narrow context of food, is baking skills. The breads and croissants here are heavenly, freshly baked and so good even on its own. Looking forward to more in October! :)

VND 171,000 for the Indonesian fried rice
VND 190,000 for the beef burger
VND 361,000 for the pan-fried beef rib-eye

* Prices subject to 10% service charge.
** The seafood fried rice is served free of charge, upon request.

Sofitel Plaza Hotel,
Hanoi, Vietnam.

Pictures taken with the Canon Ixus 80 IS.

3 Foodie Comments:

Hungrybunny said...

The view from your room is just amazing!
I've heard the Vietnamese makes a mean baguette too..

September 13, 2010 at 2:40 PM
HungryTrotters said...

Lucky you! This is the best thing when travelling for work, having good food, hanging out with your colleagues for drinks after a long day of work...and the next coming days would be the same routine until you miss your own bed and mom's cooking. :)

September 13, 2010 at 9:48 PM
*Harris said...

hungry rabbit and hungry pigs haha, what a coincidence!

hungrybunny: prefer to croissants MOST :D

hungrytrotters: yeap, homesickness comes in esp when you get less comfortable rooms, like what i had in nha trang recently haha

September 18, 2010 at 8:36 PM

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