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No Signboard Seafood @ Robertson Quay

21 April 2010

The new No Signboard Seafood: The Kelong at Robertson Quay is barely four months old but it is already one of my favourite places for (up-market) seafood. As you can probably tell from the picture above (see those red paper lanterns?), this post is long overdue, but there's always a time for a delicious post right? :)

One of the things I like about this Robertson Quay branch of No Signboard is the ambience. While it isn't anywhere near the canal or river, it is still in a fairly peaceful vicinity with less crowds, if not, less boisterous crowds for that matter. There's also semi-private areas for families to dine in, though these can be somewhat warmer because of the lighting. Service here is tops as well, with the wait staff and manager being very accommodative with special requests and with any other help with the menu. We were definitely off to a good start.

Deep-Fried Chicken Wings

There were a few children at the table, so these were meant for them and their simple diets. I can only say that these were wonderfully delicious, just look at how they (the chicken wings, not the children) were fried to a crisp, golden-brown. Juicy, tender insides too, if I may add.

Deep Fried Honey Marinated Chicken Wings

You must be thinking, chicken wings again? But yes, because the previous dish was so good, we ordered another one, albeit with a slight difference this time round with a honey marinate. These turned out to be too sweet for my liking though, so I still preferred the original crispy deep-fried chicken wings.

Sauté Scallop with Peppered Black Bean Sauce

The scallops were fresh and thankfully, not overdone. The peppered black bean sauce was not too overwhelming and added a balanced overall flavour to the dish.

Claypot Beancurd

This is a typical dish, again for the children (yawn...). Nothing overly impressive, but at least I like the way that the beancurd was prepared - slightly hard coating but so soft, silky and smooth on the inside.

Steamed Seasonal Fish

Fish fans would love this for sure. A whole large and fresh slab of (deboned) steamed fish that's adequately firm and tender. Simple, but delicious indeed.

Chilli Crab

Ahh, at every seafood dinner, this has to be what everyone waits eagerly for. The chilli crab from No Signboard certainly did not disappoint, and I dare say it's even better than the one I had from Jumbo Seafood last year. People who like their chilli crabs spicy with a thick gravy base would definitely love this. While not in the premium league as the Australian snow crab or Alaskan king crab, this Sri Lankan crab still impresses in size and has a lot of fresh meat to it. Full marks.

Other Dishes

We also ordered a couple of other dishes which I did not take pictures of. The Mushrooms with Vegetable was a simple and decent dish, while the Crispy Cereal Prawns were quite well-done - but as always, I find myself enjoying the cereals more than the prawns! Meanwhile, the White Pepper Crab was actually even better than the chilli crabs in terms of taste, but it's a pity that there wasn't much gravy to soak in the addictive spiciness of it all.


$10.00 for the deep-fried chicken wings
$12.00 for the deep-fried honey marinated chicken wings
$20.00 for the sauté scallop with peppered black bean sauce
$10.00 for the claypot beancurd
$40.00 for the steamed (seasonal) fish
$52.00 for the chilli crab
$52.00 for the white pepper crab
$20.00 for the crispy cereal prawns
$18.00 for the mushrooms with vegetables
$3.00 for a dozen of mini mantou buns
$1.00 for each serving of steamed rice

* Prices subject to the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge.

11 Unity Street, #01-18/29 Robertson Walk.

Additional Comment
Game for dessert? Laurent Bernard is a MUST-TRY! :)

Pictures taken with the Canon EOS 500D.

2 Foodie Comments:

Jer Lin said...

you just reminded me that i haven' had crab for ages! (:

April 21, 2010 at 1:26 PM
*Harris said...

oooh crabs are yums! chilli, black or white pepper, salted egg yolk, all are good :)

April 21, 2010 at 1:56 PM

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