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Ikea Restaurant II

06 November 2008

Everyone's favourite Swedish meatballs right here at Ikea!

Fried Chicken Wings: 8/10

But first, chicken wings! No wonder this is a best seller. Everyone seems to be having at least one of these, with the usual order of six. Crispy, juicy and tasty. A bit oily but hey, indulgence once in a while is acceptable.

Vegetarian Fried Tang Hoon: 7/10

I was trying to make a choice between the fish fillet (Friday's special; for a list of Ikea's Daily Specials, see here) and this fried noodles, and went for the noodle because I've been having too much "western" food lately. The noodles were a little too dry, but the side dishes like the mock sausages and mock chicken fillet were delicious. And I have to say the chicken wings went very well with the noodles too.

And oh, this is not on offer now. For a list of November's vegetarian dishes, click here.

Swedish Meatballs: 9/10

Daphne's rating. She would be glad to give a full score for the gravy. These meatballs are a mix of beef and pork, that's why I can't eat them.

Kids Spaghetti: 5.9/10

Really small-sized ordinary pasta that I ordered for her to accompany her meatballs.

Daim Cake: 8/10

We were a bit too full to appreciate this, but I still think it's pretty good. Tastes a bit like Ritter Sport's Cornflakes chocolate. This cake is a bit nutty, a bit wafery, and very chocolatey. Nice.

Very quick. Self-service though, and queue's terribly long for a Friday evening.

$1.40 for a chicken wing
$5.50 for the vegetarian tang hoon
$6.50 for the regular meatballs
$2.90 for the kids spaghetti
$1.50 for a refillable soft drink (can share!)
$3.50 for a daim cake

Ikea Restaurant
317 Alexandra Road

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