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19 October 2008

Vittles has been on my "I Desire" list for quite a long time now, and we finally found time to have dinner here. If you don't drive, you probably got to take a bus from Yishun MRT, like 171 or 169.

Vittles is reputed for quite a few of its dishes, one notably credited to a famous food blogger Dr Leslie Tay through the "Ieat Burger". This burger was specially created by the chef for him, and is now one of Vittles' best-sellers.

Free Popcorn!

A great thing about Vittles is the free popcorn that it has for diners. I love popcorn and it was a great appetiser and dessert for me hahaha.

Steak and Cheese Burger: 7.7/10

I need to remind myself that this is essentially a steak rather than a usual beef burger. While both are beef (duh), a steak would naturally be leaner and less like a patty (again duh). But that could somewhat reduce the "beefiness" of the burger as compared to minced patties in, for instance, e. Blackboard. The sauce used in this burger is really good, and the steak was tender. I didn't want coleslaw, so that explains for the huge chunk of fries you see heh.

Teriyaki Chicken Burger: 7.7/10

The chicken was very good, I savoured that one bite that Daphne gave me. Crispy and flavourful. A thicker piece of chicken would be better though.


$11.90 for the steak and cheese burger
$10.90 for the chicken teriyaki burger
$2.20 for a can of coke zero (my new favourite)

Prices subject to 7% GST; no service charge.

Just a picture for you in case you are driving past

Vittles 369 Sembawang road
#01-05 Sembawang Cottage (Same building as MacDonald's)

Additional Comments
1. Both GST and service charge used to be waived, but GST is now charged. We're not really complaining.
2. Has a breakfast menu as well.
3. Closed on Mondays.

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