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Da Jie Niang Dou Fu II

02 October 2008

I had blogged about this place when the both me and Daphne were here previously, but that was like half a year ago. Nothing much have changed though haha, this place is still pretty quiet as compared to the popular Evertop chicken rice next door.

If you want to check what soup base or gravy this stall offers, click on the picture to enlarge it. For the uninitiated, "yong tau foo" is a type of mixed ingredient dish (oftentimes, a soup) where you get to select from a variety (although this variety differs in degree from stall to stall) of ingredients. Our good friend Wikipedia actually has a fairly good introduction of it, if you're interested.

Ampang Yong Tau Foo: 7/10

I think me and Daphne are quite unhealthy eaters. I normally choose Ampang gravy not only because it's sweet but more because I want my ingredients deep-fried haha. Daphne meanwhile loves her laksa/curry gravy fix for that spicy kick, but that means more coconut milk naturally (see below). The crispy ingredients went pretty well with the fairly smooth gravy.

Laksa Yong Tau Foo: 7/10

Daphne was quite happy to see her meat dumplings deep-fried as well, because otherwise they would all be soaked in the laksa gravy too. Spicily good, which she likes a lot. One big drawback is that the ingredients seem less fresh than before, and we hope this wouldn't be the case the next time we are back here.

Okay, they will serve the food to you.

$3.50 each including gravy.

Clementi Avenue 2, Blk 354.

Additional Comment
This stall is certified Halal.

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