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Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant

18 October 2008

Along the Cheong Chin Nam row of restaurants are two large Indian Muslim eateries that sell similar dishes and at pretty much the same prices. For the less discerning they might say that the food taste the same, though I would think that there has to be a bit of difference here and there. I don't actually have a particular preference, though I do find myself visiting Al-Ameen a little more than Al-Azhar. Don't ask me why, I'm not sure myself, other than the fact that Ameen's closer to the public carpark?

Coin Prata: 6.5/10

Ever since I tasted the yummylicious coin pratas from Irfan's, I've been trying to look for the next place that has coin pratas, especially since Kembangan is a little far off for me. The coin pratas at Al-Azhar could really be better, and I'm convinced they would be the next time I return. They were a tad salty and weren't as crispy as those from Irfan's. Probably the cook was rushing since it was a packed evening.

Egg Prata: 6/10

I would think it's a similar case as my coin pratas above. For those who love their normal pratas (meaning plain and egg) absolutely crispy, you've got to go to the absolutely best crispy pratas: The Roti Prata House. If you're a Singaporean and you have not heard of this place, where have you been all this while man?!

Teh Cino Peng: 8.5/10

My staple drink. "Peng" is... hokkien for "iced" if I'm not wrong. "Teh" is tea in Malay. And well, Cino probably comes from Cappuccino. The Teh Cino Peng here is superbly sweet and puts you on a sugar high. I could drink this like a shot.

Pretty brisk.

$3.00 for the coin prata
($5 if you want to add curried mutton or chicken)
$1.50 for the egg prata
$1.80 for the teh cino peng

11/11A Cheong Chin Nam Road
(Opposite Beauty World / Bukit Timah Shopping Centre)

Additional Comment
Open 24hours.

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