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Food Republic @ Vivocity

19 October 2008

Both me and Daphne were back at our favourite food court in Vivocity, which for a Friday evening was terribly crowded. We had fish soups very similar to the one at the Wisma Atria branch, and golly did we enjoy our dinner. The stalls come by a same name by the way: Ed's Fish Soup.

Mixed Fish Soup: 8.3/10

I had my usual mixed fish soup, which consists of both fried and sliced fish. The fish was very fresh, and the soup so tasty that I spent a lot of time just sipping it up even after I had finished my rice and the fish. It doesn't have the sort of "fishy" taste, and I believe this is musked by the vegetables, tomatoes and ginger that they add to the soup. Very good stuff.

Fried Fish Soup with Noodles: 8/10

Daphne always has hers with milk, though I could never imagine having milk in my soup. Still, from the look of satisfaction on her face, I can tell she likes her soup as well.

Barbecued Chicken Wings: 8/10

Got these from a stall called, "Huat Huat Chicken Wings". Better than the ones sold at Wisma Atria, though the place to go for tender, juicy barbecued chicken wings will always be at East Coast.


$4.50 for the mixed fish soup
$4.00 for the fried fish soup
$0.50 for a bowl of rice
$1.20 for a chicken wing (minimum order 3 pieces)

VivoCity #03-01

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