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Barnacles Restaurant

03 October 2008

The highlight of Project Cookie Love, a special celebration named by yours truly for Daphne's 22nd birthday, has to be our dinner at Barnacles Restaurant at Rasa Sentosa Shangri-La Hotel. It took me a long time trying to arrange this dinner, but I really have to thank the manager, Ms Angel Lim, who attended to me and was very pleasant and accomodating with all the calls and emails. Thumbs up for service even before we actually stepped foot on this restaurant.

The fantastic and amazing thing about Barnacles is really its ambience. I had reserved a seat on the patio, and my goodness, what a beautiful view we got of the sea and yes, the sunset. The sea breeze was so refreshing and the gentle music playing in the background (and later, by the band) just keeps your mind completely at ease. And when the sun went down, the ship lights came up, lighting up the sea with dazzling colours against the velvety night sky. Simply beautiful atmosphere, and one of the perfect places for a romantic date really.

Bread Basket: 9/10

The complimentary bread basket was simply a joy to behold, especially for Daphne who really loves her bread. Dip into one of the two unique sauces - avocado and chilli crab - and you'll be asking for more and more!

In fact, I liked the chilli crab gravy so much that they happily gave me a whole bowl when all I asked was a small serving. They even asked us which bread we would particularly like more, all free of charge.

Ying Yang: 9.5/10

This appetiser is voted one of the top ten appetisers in Singapore, and we have no objections at all! The honey crispy squid was sweet and yes, crispily yummy, while the mayonnaise prawns had an awesome "invisible-like" batter that crunches in your mouth. The both of us were joking if we could order ten of this appetiser to fill in as our main course haha.

Chef's Mixed Grill: 8.8/10
"Grilled beef tenderloin, lamb chop and king prawns with potato gratin dauphinois served with porcini and morel sauce"

I like this picture because it shows how much aesthetic work goes into the food at Barnacles. The potato gratin was so soft and potatoey, and helped to complement the beef tenderloin and lamp chop, which were grilled close to perfection.

Mixed Seafood Skewer: 9/10
"Tiger prawns, salmon & butterfish with white wine butter sauce and vegetable ratatouille"

How good can a skewer get? Barnacles shows you how with its freshest array of seafood. The salmon and butterfish were so sweet and good, while the tiger prawns were definitely fatter and tastier than my king prawn. A tad burnt on a few corners, but that's not stopping us from giving this a high rating because of its quality taste.

Tiramisu Birthday Cake: 8.5/10

I pre-ordered this and it came as a surprise for the birthday girl. It was amazing how the staff got it done so fast when I told them it was time to spring the surprise, and how they arranged with the band the way we were all going to pop out from behind with me holding the cake, and everyone singing a birthday song.

On taste, it wasn't all too bad, but we had to take out the all too generous helping of whipped cream. The tiramisu mousse/cake was sweet, smooth and gets you on a high. Actually, I had pre-ordered a chocolate truffle cake, but they made a mistake and got out tiramisu instead. While it was quite alright to me, I realised later that they had actually decided to waive the cost to us because of the slip up. I called them up to say that I wouldn't mind tracking back on the shuttle bus to pay them, but they were sooooooooo awfully nice about it that you have to really admire Barnacles for its great service and how it values its customers.


$22.00 for the ying yang appetiser
$38.00 for the chef's mixed grill
$36.00 for the mixed seafood skewer
$15.00 for a 300gm chocolate truffle / tiramisu cake

Prices subject to 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Waterfront (Level 1)
Rasa Sentosa Resort, Singapore
101 Siloso Road, Sentosa

Additional Comment
Not only was the food and service good, so was having the NUS DBS Mastercard. I found out only on the day itself (since it wasn't listed on the restaurant website) that I was entitled to a 15% discount. So now, the price was great too =)

Thumbs up to Barnacles Restaurant!

3 Foodie Comments:

brad said...

very nice, i heard about this place before, but being on Sentosa has its advantage and disadvantage. Romantic settings, but too far. lol! makes a great place for a romantic date though.


October 5, 2008 at 9:04 AM
Harris Chai said...

hey lic! =)

your blog is on my internet bookmarks, i read it religiously ;)

keep up the good work feasting!

October 5, 2008 at 11:08 PM
Fudge said...

Yo dude,

Just checked with DBS. The 15% off is extended to all DBS cards now. Another reason to spend a special occasion here, ya? Thanks much!


May 28, 2009 at 10:57 PM

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