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Old Town White Coffee

02 October 2008

Before I go any further, I must first apologise for the quality of photos in this post. I was contemplating if I should put this entry up at all, and then decided to just go ahead since it's a fairly new place. My phone has been giving me problems recently, and it was so difficult trying to take a picture without it hanging or refusing to "flash" when needed.

I brought Daphne to this little cafe next to Cheong Chin Nam road (the row of eateries just opposite Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and Beauty World) because I was curious to see what they offer other than the typical coffee and toast. I heard that this Old Town brand is a pretty popular coffee brand from Malaysia, and true enough the menu did indicate a Malaysian-based website. The prices however, seem nowhere close to that offered in Malaysia I am sure. Imagine the profits man.

Curry Chicken Rice: 6/10

Yes, I love my curries, and usually I can't hold back from trying them when I visit new places. I was especially curious to see if this curry would differ because it may have some Malaysian uniqueness to it, but alas it turned out ordinary enough, and in fact very close to the curry from Causeway Point. Thing is, the portion here is miserable, half a potato and a single chicken drumstick. Not worth the price really.

Rice with Chicken Rendang: 6.8/10

The spices used for this chicken rendang make it very close to the traditional Malay type of rendang, and I'm only saying this because the cooks in this cafe are Chinese. Ethnic boundaries are not as fixed and exclusive as some would like to think haha. Still, something seems to be missing, and I think that has to be the spiciness of the dish, as it was really more sweet than spicy. This dish could also do better with say, an egg or something.

Garlic Butter Toast: 7.7/10

We ordered this thinking it could be an appetiser for us, but it came after our main courses. The bread was well toasted, crisp and tasty. Not bad.



$7.90 for the curry chicken rice
$7.90 for the rice with chicken rendang
$2.30 for a garlic butter thick toast
$3.30 for a (small) cup of ice lemon tea
$0.50 for a cup of warm water

And still, an additional 10% for service charge. I think this place is only good for toast and warm drinks.

Old Town White Coffee
Chun Tin Court
(next to the public carpark along the Cheong Chin Nam stretch)

Additional Comments
1. No pork, no lard.
2. Open till 12am on Fridays and Saturdays.

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