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Horizon Food Mall

30 July 2008

Tucked at the side of Level 5 of Causeway Point Shopping Centre is a large food court that has a selection of Halal and non-Halal stalls. This should not be confused with the Banquet Food Court at Level 6, which is completely Halal. I wanted to have lunch at Horizon because of a particular stall, "Hawker Delights", which sells fairly good curry.

Chicken Curry with Rice: 7.7/10

It's been quite a while since I've been here, but I can say that the curry is still good and the portion remains large - two potatoes and three pieces of chicken. John had one look at what I had and ordered the same thing as well, and nodded in agreement when I asked if it was good. Our only comment then would be that the curry would have been better if it was spicier, because this one is still a bit mild to our trained tastebuds. The rice was a little hard too, but that's a small matter.

If only I could order chicken wings only, like the chicken curry stall at the Kopitiam food court at Vivocity. Still, the curry gravy was thick as I liked it and managed to soften the otherwise hard rice.

Very friendly. The stallholder kept asking if I wanted more rice when he had already served me a pretty huge portion.

$4.20 for the chicken curry,
$0.50 for the plain rice.

Hawker Delights, Horizon Food Mall
Level 5 Causeway Point Shopping Centre, Woodlands

Additional Comment
This stall is certified Halal.

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