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Tenderfresh Western Food

18 July 2008

In Singapore, "Western" food refers to, in addition to the obvious of not being local or Asian fare, the usual range of spaghetti, chicken chop, chicken cutlet, fish and chips, baked rice etc etc. There's this pretty huge chain called Tenderfresh that has franchises in almost every neighbourhood, and is also known as Tenderbest at some stalls. Not all it's franchises are Halal-certified, which creates some amount of confusion for the more particular customers. Generally though, almost most of the places claim to have neither pork nor lard in their food.

Tenderfresh is the second stop of the camp's day activity of a mini food hunt, though I was personally disappointed to realise that this is actually yet another recommended place by the person-in-charge when you could get Tenderfresh almost anywhere. Then again, standards differ everywhere as well so it was worth a try.

Spaghetti: 7/10

Some of us thought this was pretty good, but I found it to be just okay. The sauce was not too bad though I wished they could be more generous with the beef rather than having it as a mere tomato gravy with inedible leaves (for fragrance I suppose).

Chicken Chop: 7/10

Ordinary, standard fare that you can get in any of Tenderfresh's franchises.

Barbecued Chicken Wings: 6.5/10

Very ordinary too, and I felt it could have been better with a little bit more moisture and marinate taste.


$22.80 for 1 spaghetti, 2 chicken chops and 6 barbecued chicken wings.

Lorong Liput, Holland Village.
You can also try the branch at GreenRidge Shopping Centre in Bukit Panjang.

Additional Comment
Not all stalls are Halal-certified.

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